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Gary Bigg's a local home grown Deadwood resident, owns a small media company in the Black Hills and WesternGold where you you don't have to get malled shopping for that special gift. Read about Gary's trip to Croatia.

Rode our Harley's up from Kansas, rented some bikes to ride the trail. Tony met us on the trail, and for the second year in a row it was the funnest part of our trip. Thanks guys.
    -- Frank and Mike, Kansas

Great trail
Great Bikes
Great Burger
Super DAY
    -- Ruth & Tom, N.J.

Deadwood Bicycles Customer riding his penny. -- Click for larger image
Al, Princeton

I really like my Deadwood Bicycles T-Shirt.
    -- Art Peters, El Reno, OK

where, E = Excitement
m = mountian bikes,
c = cycling

    -- Al, Princeton

The guys at Deadwood Bicycles rock harder than anything has rocked before, since the dawn of Rock'n'Roll.
    -- Lance J. Miller Esq., Lead

I really enjoyed the time I spent in Deadwood and I really really enjoyed the trip down the George S. Mickelson Trail. I will wear your shop shirt with pride. Talk at ya later.
    -- Your friend in Ohio Tim

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