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the Historic Engine House Deadwood Bicycles is located in the original Burlington Railroads Engine House. The surrounding area served as Chigaco, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Yards from 1890 to the 1980's.

Although the building was reduced in size, and many others removed from the site in the 1950's, from 1993 to 1995 the City of Deadwood's Historic Preservation Office restored portions of the building and created the Railroad Museum within. The museum contains information of railroading in the Northern Hills as well as a portion of the rail line which is now the Mickelson Trail. An electric switch engine used at Homestake is still confined within the building and serves as a conversation piece.

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Engine House and CB&Q Railroad Yard - Image Courtesy Deadwood Historic Preservation
Length:95 feet
Width:35 feet
Housed:83 foot
190 Ton
T2 Mallet Locomotives

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Surrounding Buildings

Roundhouse:  North of the Engine House, constructed 1895

Turntable:  Northeast of Engine House, manufactued by Lassie Branch of American Bridge Company-Chicago, IL in 1900. Removed from rail yard 1950, currently used at Boeing in Seattle, WA.

Machine Shop:  Behind Round House, contained metal lathes, drill presses, etc. to service engines.

Coal Storage Bins:  Behind machine shop-stored coal for steam engines.

Sand House:  Southwest of Engine and Round Houses, held large quantitie of sand for traction on rails and for cleaning the stack.
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