Frequently Answered Questions

1.Where are you located?
  We are in the old Deadwood Enginge House Building located in the Sherman Street Parking Area. Check out our map and click the link to get directions from your location.
2.What type of bikes do you sell?
  We have Mountain Bikes, both front and dual suspension. Comfort Bikes for that cruising feeling. Freestyle and BMX bikes. Check out our Sales Page for more information.
3.What types of bikes do you rent?
  We rent Mountain Bikes, Comfort Bikes both perfect for the Mickelson Trail. We also rent a tandem, and have available a kiddie trailer and a "tanda-mizing" Trail-a-Bike. Check out our Rental Page for more information.
4.Can I bring my own clipless pedals?
  Yes you can, we also have a few SPD pedals on hand to rent, and can, if you bring them, install your pedals onto any of our rentals. There is a $3 fee to install pedals, and a $1/day thereafter for rental pedals.
5.Do you repair bikes?
  If it has two wheels (and no motor of course) we will give it our best shot. To find out more about our repair services check out our Repair Page.
6.Where is there to ride around Deadwood?
  Aside from circling the building as we do while test riding, you can ride the Mickelson Trail or one of many other rides & trails throughout the Black Hills. Check out our ride page, or come in and we will show you the way.
7.How do I become a better rider?
  When asked how to win the Tour de France 5 time winner, Eddy Merckx replied ''Ride lots.'' Well aside from riding a lot, riding with other that are better than you, or sign up for one of our classes. We offer two classes, Intro To Mountain Biking and Mountain Biking for Women.
8.What cycling organizations are there?
  There are several cycling organizations, local and national. Check out our Reference Page for more about, clubs, organizations and foundations.
9.Where can I find information about riding bicycles?
  You can check our Reference Page with information from Buying a bicycle to Riding one.
10.I am traveling soon, can you pack my bicycle?
  If you are traveling and bringing your bike with, or need to ship your bike, bring it in and we will pack your bike for shipping or traveling for a modest cost.
11.What was the building you are in originally?
  The engine house was the maintence garage for the switch yard located in Deadwood. To the north was the engine house, which housed several locomotives, and to the northwest, was the turntable used to turn trains around in the narrow Deadwood Gulch. To see more information about the engine house, download both pages of our Engine House Tri-Fold, or the ZIP file that contains both.

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